Chalisée Naamani

B. 1995, Neuilly-sur-Seine - Lives in Paris, France

Installation view at the solo presentation at Artissima, Present Future sector, 2023
You may hide God in the closet, 2023, recycled fabrics and clothing, iron-on transfer, plush key ring, knitted plush bag, ribbons, beads, printed fabrics, fake diamond pacifier, punching bag, recycled boxing gloves, wall hanging, 178 × 70 × 70 cm
How many miles away?, 2023, suitcase, stickers, saddle pad, rope halter, stirrups, travel cushion, various recycled fabrics, ribbons, beads, 60 × 100 × 40 cm, dimensions variable
Fitting room, 2023, recycled clothes, various fabrics, ribbons, embroidered tapestry, screen-printed t-shirt, plush key ring, baby carrier jacket, hangers, curtain rod, plastic label (1982-), wall hangings, 210 × 110 × 110 cm
It can be cruel, poetic, or blind. But when it’s denied, it’s violence you may find. - Justice. (Batman), 2023, lawyer's dress, various fabrics, recycled clothing, zip, ribbon, buttons, iron-on transfer, garment cover, print on lycra, print on synthetic satin, wall hangings, 198 × 120 × 40 cm
Maison Sac à Dos ou Habit(acle), 2020, mixed techniques, cm. 134 x 118 x 118
View of the exhibition After Laughter Comes Tears, Mudam Luxembourg
© Photo: Fabrizio Vatieri | Mudam Luxembourg
Branded and Worthy of love, 2022, corduroy coat, print on shiny lycra, chain, padlock, upcycled jewellery, print on Christmas bauble, pin, print on tarpaulin, knitted bag, print on silk satin scarf, print on leather tag, hook, 172 × 64 × 34 cm
Not fake, 2022, upcycled fabrics, print on cotton linen, print on leather bag, print on leather charm, boxing gloves, scarf, button, print on synthetic fabric, hook, 212 × 66 × 32 cm
Power dressing : "While love is unfashionable, let us live" (Alice Walker), 2022, upcycled leather and clothing, upcycled jewellery, print on shiny lycra, print on leather key ring, boxing gloves, print on leather label, hanger, hook, 146 × 76 × 38 cm
It’s not about the dress you wear, but it’s about the life you lead in the dress, Diane Vreeland, 2022, metal ladder, upcycled clothing, scarves, rings, print on leather key ring, upcycled jewellery, print on ties, print on synthetic fabric, print on plastic sheeting, buttons, garment cover, hanger, 216 × 102 × 24 cm
You can cut all the flowers but you can't keep spring from coming, 2022, mixed media installation, dimensions variable
Il y a des choses qui ne sont pas périssables, AK_, 2022, mixed media installation, 160 × 130 cm
I don’t love the way you lie, but all we have is each other, 2022, mixed media, dress/jacket installation: 178 × 55 × 12 cm; boots installation: 30 × 45 × 30 cm
Maison Sac à Dos ou Habit(acle), 2020, mixed techniques, cm. 134 x 118 x 118
Installation view with Tapis de Jeu Play Art
Jambière et Pistolet de couture (Dumptrump), 2020, printed synthetic leather, diverse found materials, 90 × 60 cm
Bâche 4 Boutique, 2020, printed PVC tarpaulin, cm. 450 x 320
Installation view with Jambière et Pistolet de couture (Dumptrump)
Paravent et Traine, 2020, printed PVC panels, garment bags, straps, printed marbled velvet, cm. 200 x 90 per panel
Sacs à dos porteurs d'images, 2020, printed synthetic silk, diverse fabrics, cm. 300 (strap); cm. 50 x 40 x 25 per rucksack
Maillot Collector PSG/OM, 2020, printed sports jerseys, found scarves, plexiglass display, cm. 100 x 75 x 8
Vestiaire, 2019-20, printed sports jerseys, found scarves, white cotton corded sports bag, footballs
Various dimensions
Cape et gilet jaune, 2020, found tracksuit, printed sports jersey, printed oilcloth, found chain and pendant, cm. 110 x 80 (cape); cm. 50 cm (length of hanger)
Vestiaire, 2019-20, printed sports jersey, found scarves, white cotton corded sportsbag, 150 × 37 × 17 cm
Installation views at PALAI, Lecce, 2021
Installation views at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 2020
Photographs: Grégory Copitet
Housse 1 et 2 Et tout droit jusqu’au matin, 2018, mirrors, clothes rails, garment bags, printed lycra, printed tarpaulin, cm. 99 x 46 per object
Bâche 1 Rue, 2020, printed PVC tarpaulin, cm. 450 x 320
Installation view with Cape et Gilet Jaune and Sacs à dos porteurs d'images
Bâche 2 Atelier, 2020, printed PVC tarpaulin, cm. 450 x 320
Foulards Bienvenue à Paris / Le vendeur d'images, 2019, printed synthetic silk, metal rings, cm. 90 x 70 cm per scarf