Beatriz Olabarrieta
Clever to follow goat

6 Sep - 15 Oct 2017

Press release

Photographs: Aurélien Mole

Watching our potential (oh yellow), 2017
Keeping an eye on verticality, 2017, 27 collaborative drawings with biological father
Read her digit (not only in white), 2017
Undercover (silver more than grey), 2017, cnc cut-out laminate, pencil drawings on post-its, acetate gelatin foil, masking tape, cm. 200 x 138,5 x 13
Being pitched as language booze, 2017, cnc cut-out laminate, mixed media drawings on post-its, masking tape, hooks, cm. 136,5 x 122 x 11,5
We are for viewers or heads within a head, 2017, painted steel, screws, ink and pencil drawings on post-its, digital radio, cm. 268 x 90 x 37,5