Chalisée Naamani
Quando va male, il leopardo

12 Apr - 27 May 2023

Press release

Photographs: Sebastiano Pellion di Persano

Fierce and Furious, 2023, folding ironing board, "Jeannette" ironing board, print on PVC forex, imitation leather/animal fabric, D&G headphones, recycled clothes, imitation necklace, cotton fabric and padding, 106 × 36 × 6 cm
Athéna, 2023, prints on aluminum, print on fleece fabric, phone holder, replica/fake phone, print on self-adhesive paper, 140 × 100 cm
Do not put clothing on your words, 2023, print on velvet carpet, print on leggings, rhinestone zip, print on nautical flag canvas and cotton fabric, polyester fabric, plastic chain, 180 × 63 cm
Our love will defeat you, 2023, photographic print, black aluminum frame, chain with pendant 100 × 100 cm
Keep calm and Fall in love, 2023, print on denim fabric, recycled clothes, transfer on fabric, print on belt, leopard plush, cushions, 100 × 100 cm
French kiss and Orientalism, 2023, recto/verso print on aluminum, rolled fabrics and blankets, chains, pendants, padlocks, 90 × 75 cm
It’s not about the dress you wear, but it’s about the life you lead in the dress, Diane Vreeland, 2022, metal ladder, upcycled clothing, scarves, rings, print on leather key ring, upcycled jewellery, print on ties, print on synthetic fabric, print on plastic sheeting, buttons, garment cover, hanger, 216 × 102 × 24 cm
Not fake, 2022, upcycled fabrics, print on cotton linen, print on leather bag, print on leather charm, boxing gloves, scarf, button, print on synthetic fabric, hook, 212 × 66 × 32 cm
Power dressing : "While love is unfashionable, let us live" (Alice Walker), 2022, upcycled leather and clothing, upcycled jewellery, print on shiny lycra, print on leather key ring, boxing gloves, print on leather label, hanger, hook, 146 × 76 × 38 cm
Branded and Worthy of love, 2022, corduroy coat, print on shiny lycra, chain, padlock, upcycled jewellery, print on Christmas bauble, pin, print on tarpaulin, knitted bag, print on silk satin scarf, print on leather tag, hook, 172 × 64 × 34 cm